Coronavirus Update - April 6

Mask use during the Coronavirus Pandemic
Update from Medical Director – 4/6/20

As our understanding of the Covid-19 evolves, so do guidelines from the CDC and the World Health Organization (WHO) on how to prevent the spread of the disease and keep you and your family safe. Over the weekend, the federal government announced that wearing “non- surgical cloth” masks is now recommended for the general population when going out in public where social distancing is more difficult (i.e. pharmacy, grocery stores, or other essential errands).

The point of these masks is to protect you from potentially spreading the virus even when you have no symptoms (asymptomatic) or very mild symptoms that you don’t yet recognize (pre-symptomatic). We know that individuals in this group can spread the virus unknowingly by speaking, coughing or sneezing.

The use of cloth masks is just one more step in help stopping the spread of this disease. SOCIAL DISTANCING AND GOOD HAND HYGIENE remains the most important things you can do to prevent catching the coronavirus.

MRPG remains committed to the wellbeing of you and your family during these uncertain times. Please reach out to your provider if you are not feeling well or have questions regarding your health.

Be well,
Liz Siraco, MD
Medical Director
Milford Regional Physician Group

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