Covid Vaccine Eligibility Update

Residents between the ages of 65 and 74, and those ages 16 and over with two or more medical conditions that put them at an increased risk of severe illness due to COVID-19, can now begin booking vaccination appointments.

We ask that you do NOT call your primary care provider. You will NOT need copies of medical records or a note from your health care provider to confirm you are eligible for these groups.  

However, please be aware that due to limited vaccine supply, it could take more than a month for all newly eligible individuals to secure an available appointment.

In addition to those over 65, individuals 16 years and older with multiple co-morbidities are eligible under the rollout.  Following is a list of qualifying health conditions:

-Asthma (moderate-to-severe)


-Chronic kidney disease

-COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)

-Down Syndrome

-Heart conditions, such as heart failure, coronary artery disease, or cardiomyopathies

-Immunocompromised state (weakened immune system) from solid organ transplant

-Obesity and severe obesity (body mass index [BMI] of 30 kg/m2 or higher)


-Sickle cell disease


-Type 2 diabetes mellitus

Please visit COVID-19 Vaccine Finder to search for vaccination sites nearby by entering ZIP code, city, or town name. Individuals can also filter vaccination location results by site type, differentiating mass vaccination locations and those run by local health departments, retail pharmacies, or health care institutions. You can also schedule an appointment by calling 2-1-1.

We all have to continue to work together to stop the spread of Covid-19. Wear a mask, wash your hands, avoid groups, and keep your distance- even after you are fully vaccinated.  As always, if you have any questions about scheduling the vaccine, eligibility, distribution locations, etc, please visit


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