NOT FEELING WELL? Call Your Primary Care Provider

Cold and flu season is underway and COVID-19 continues to be a challenge. Wondering what to do if you or a family member begins to feel sick and experience symptoms like a fever or cough?

You may be tempted to go to an urgent care location. However, with most urgent care sites currently experiencing high volume and extremely long wait times due to Covid-19, the best thing to do first is contact your primary care physician.


  • Most PCP offices can schedule a quick visit (via phone/telehealth/in-person) and can administer a Covid PCR test right in the provider’s office. The turn-around time for the results is usually less than 24 hours.
  • Many patients visiting urgent care sites are those with minimal or no Covid symptoms, but have known exposure and require a test for work or school. These patients would be better served by CALLING THEIR PCP.
  • If you schedule an early morning appointment with your primary care provider for a PCR test, results are often known by late afternoon the same day or the next morning.
  • Patients who have exposure but NO symptoms, can call their PCP.

Our Urgent Care sites are here to serve our community but on some occasions, we reach maximum capacity and can no longer register new patients.

Help us help you. Avoid the long wait and please call your PCP before you venture out to one of our urgent care locations. Your PCP knows you best and can advise you on next steps based on what you’re experiencing and your overall health status.  

Thank you for allowing us to take care of you and your family in the safest and most efficient way possible. We wish you the best of health this holiday season.


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