Important Telemedicine Update

Like many healthcare systems, Milford Regional Physician Group has been providing Telemedicine visits through audio and visual services since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.  It’s so important not to delay care, and connecting with patients via these virtual visits has allowed us to continue to treat chronic and acute illnesses.  These appointments will continue in the upcoming months along with in-office visits as determined by your health care provider. 

Insurance companies may assess a co-payment and/or a deductible for Telemedicine visits similar to in-office visits.  As of June 1st, Milford Regional Physician Group began to collect co-payments and/or deductibles for Telemedicine visits in accordance with the patient’s insurance plan.  As your healthcare provider, we value the time that we spend both on the phone and in person to care for your health.  Should you have questions regarding your financial responsibility, please call your insurance company directly.

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